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Emphasis in Complex
Deformity Correction & Microsurgical
Nerve Limb Reconstruction

  • Dr. Edgardo R. Rodriguez-Collazo is a board certified reconstructive podiatric surgeon with 25+ years of experience based in Chicago, Illinois 

  • Member: Department of Surgery at Ascension Saint Joseph Hospital Chicago, Illinois

  • Board Member & Fellow Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons

  • Founder & Chairman of CLESF Chicago Lower Extremity Surgical Foundation

  • Founder & Advisory Board Member of the American Microsurgical & Orthoplastic Society

  • Director: Fellowship CPME Deformity Correction & Microsurgical Limb Reconstruction 

  • Associate Program Director of Podiatric Surgical Residency at Ascension Saint Joseph Hospital in Chicago 

  • He yearly collaborates in pediatric limb reconstruction at Instituto Nacional de Pediatria & Shriners Hospital Mexico City. 

  • Special interest in microsurgical nerve reconstruction, phantom-free amputation, and other conditions including bone infections, congenital deformities, clubfoot, and post-traumatic disorders


Areas of Expertise

Bone Infections

Osteomyelitis, in which bacteria enters the bone tissue from the blood stream, due to injury or surgery and causes inflammation.


The most common symptoms of congenital limb differences include: complete or partial absence of a limb (such as fibula hemimelia or a partial or completely missing bone).

Nerve Injuries

Pinched and compressed peripheral nerves associated with weakness, pain, or tingling sensations.

Post-Traumatic Disorders

Non-healing surgical wounds, painful amputations, and bone non-unions.

Spasticity/Joint Contracture 

Contraction of stiff muscles causing involuntary spams, decreased range of motion and painful ambulation. 

 Diabetic Neuropathy

Nerve damage that may occur with diabetes. It is commonly associated with the feeling of pins and needles, burning and weakness.

Revisional Failed Surgery   

Growth of nerve tissue creating neuromas, commonly known as Morton's Neuroma.

Drop Foot/Paralysis 

Neuromuscular conditions associated with muscle weakness and decreased range of motion.

Leg Trauma Reconstruction

Leg Trauma Reconstruction
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Leg Trauma Reconstruction
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Leg Trauma Reconstruction

Implantable Nerve Stimulator for Chronic Leg Nerve Pain
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Implantable Nerve Stimulator for Chronic Leg Nerve Pain

Nerve Reconstruction After Leg Injury
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Nerve Reconstruction After Leg Injury

Nerve Reconstruction After Prior Failed Surgeries
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Nerve Reconstruction After Prior Failed Surgeries

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Pain Free Amputation for Better Quality of Life

"I have no words to describe this doctor and the appreciation I have for him. After 12 failed surgeries due to Ehlers Danlos syndrome I was referred to Dr Rodriguez and instantly knew I needed him on my team. He has AMAZING skills and the bedside manner to match. When my case scared other doctors off, Dr Rodriguez stepped up and handled it amazingly. After living with excruciating pain, swelling, infections for 5+ years I thought there was no way out. Dr Rodriguez proved me wrong. I have ZERO regrets with my decision to have him on my team. He allowed me to gain my life back and that’s something I could never repay him for, no matter how hard I tried. I would definitely recommend Dr Rodriguez to other patients as I have faith he could help them the same way he helped me. Thanks, doc!!"
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Practice Locations

Ascension Saint Joseph Hospital - Chicago
Laboure Clinic 5th Floor 

2900 N Lake Shore Dr

Chicago, IL 60657

Chicago Foot & Ankle Deformity Correction Center

2913 N Commonwealth Ave

5th Floor Manor Building 

Chicago, IL 60657

Tel: 312-335-3939

Fax: 312-284-4892

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